Service resumes 1/31; one day behind for pickup

DC Recycling Systems (DCRS) is reopen today and servicing homes as soon as possible. We are running one day behind and possibly two days behind for some areas, depending on the number of homes we are able to safely service today.  DCRS will be servicing through 6pm on Saturday this week.  Please take note of the following regarding the DCRS residential services for the remainder of this week:

  • Please leave your containers and materials out until they are emptied.  
  • Residents who prefer not to leave the waste materials out, may also wait until next week as we’ll be back on our regular schedule. 
  • Service drivers will not be able to dig or scrape frozen materials out.  It is very common for garbage and recycle materials to freeze inside carts and containers with extreme freezing temperatures
  • Please make sure your containers/carts are not frozen in snow

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we remain committed to providing a high level of service as safely as possible.

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